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Good health is difficult to define, but it is certainly more than just the absence of disease. It reflects a state of mental, social and physical fitness and well-being. Strength flexibility and proper weight are important elements of all round fitness and good health. But if you have become overweight and have tried countless times to trim your tummy, don’t despair. Obesity and/or overweight is a condition where body mass is 10% more than ideal weight of an individual. Obesity can be the cause of constant anxiety & many grave diseases like High Blood pressure, Osteoarthritis, diabetes, Cancer, etc. And thus shortens the life span of an individual.


Electronic Stimulator performs body-sculpting procedures such as Build, Sculpt or Tone any area of the body including "Problem Areas" in the shortest time possible. It also promotes weight loss by burning calories and increasing the metabolism of body fat including cellulite. It restores muscular vigor and total body vitality even when recovering from an injury that prevents regular exercise. It strengthens the immune system by increasing circulation and accelerating the production of antibodies. It promotes drainage of the lymphatic system including the unwanted fluids and body toxins stored in the tissues while stimulating the production of collagen to rejuvenate, rehydrate, tighten and enhance skin elasticity. Additional benefits have been incorporated into the Electronic stimulator to provide Electronic Face/Breast Lifts and Butt Shaping, without effort and in complete privacy of your home. No Pain, Surgery, Bruising, Down Time or Side Effects.


10 Body Programs:

Body Building

Breast Lifting

Fat Emulsifier

Pain Management

Inch Loss

Maximum Building

Breast Enlargement

Face Micro-lifting

Tummy Tuck

Maximum Toning

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